In this week's post, there is going to some very important information about ZeusCables going forward.

For the last couple of months, I've been thinking about where ZeusCables is going. I always wanted to have more than just cables, think of deskmats, keyboards, and keycap sets. I've decided to rebrand! We are now officially called ZeusWorks. We are going to focusing on cables, deskmats, keyboards, and keycap sets. Obviously, we don't have all of this ready as we still need to find people to do some of the work. We will be starting off slow continuing our cable work and adding to the website as we go. I have so many things planned for it, you won't believe it. Next to moving to ZeusWorks we are also moving to Shopify. In our option, it is allot cleaner and easier to work with than Wix. In addition to moving we also redid the whole website. Our goal for the website and our theme mainly as well is to go for a minimalistic look. We are very excited for you to see the new website and everything that comes with it. When does the website go live? The new website goes live at the same time as the Red Dragon and Demon Sword group buys. You can see this as the debut for all 3. (more info below) Website URL: ( fill your email to get notified when the site goes live) Moving forward we will also not be using this website anymore and all blog posts will move to the new website. What happens to the old website? I've managed to import every customer to the new system( not 100% sure if it worked the way I want it to, we'll have to see). The old website will still online until I fulfill every last order that has been placed on it. If I missed anything I will be sure to let you guys know!

Price changes

For the longest time, we kept our prices low as we didn't feel like we could ask $60 plus for a cable that is in our option not perfect yet. After a lot of work and improvements, we increased the price as we felt like our product has improved a lot over the months and we finally have something of great value to us. This is not the end though, we are always going to be improving our work as we want it to be perfect! The new prices will be available on the next groupbuy listings. Group Buys I finally got some more information from my Cerakote contractor. He finished the work and it's being shipped to me as we speak. By the end of this week, the new group buys will go live. More info to follow when I had the cables done. Production

As for production. I was busy last week with some last touches on QC work and a lot of the time went into the new website and everything that comes with it. this weekend I worked on some orders for the new batch, these will be going out late next week. Bear with me as I'm super busy with everything trying to get things done( 1 man army here). Everything is moving as fast as possible! The next couple of days are going to be very important as we want to transition smoothly to the new website and everything. I hope that this excites you as much as it excites us. We are very happy with the work and we are thankful for all of you that support our work. you make this possible! Like I mentioned before if I missed something I'll let you guys know via the announcement channel on Discord. If you have any questions regarding everything mentioned, feel free to send me an email or send me a message on discord! Thank you for reading!

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This week's update is going to be short as I don't have much to add from last week.

I'll start it off by saying that this week and next week I'll be getting another batch ready to ship. Around 30-35 cables hopefully. Last week I re-did every failed QC order (they will ship within the next 2 days) Next up is Group buys.

I'm still waiting on the connectors to come in so I can work on the Red Dragon and Demon Sword cables. Once those are in the GB's will start!

That was it for this week. I'll be seeing you next week!

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A new week and a new update. This week I'm going to be discussing some changes in productions and some information about upcoming GB's Production I took a look at the keycap sets I've run a cable for and I've made a decision that is going to benefit me and you guys. Some of you might not like this next part and some of you might like it. Down below you'll find the GB's we've run a cable for and the estimated shipping dates for each set. Keep in mind, this does not represent my shipping dates. I do want to point out that the whole idea is that I want you to receive the cable before the keycap set(ASAP) Masterpiece: Q1 2021 Arctic: December 2020 (I did get notified that this might change to a later date)

Midnight Rainbow: Feb 2021 Ivory: November/December (this might change as everything is delayed at this point) Explosion: Q2 2021

Strawberry Lemonade: ??

Isthar: Q2 2021 Some other GB's that I ran that are far in the future

So as you can see most of the dates are far out. Like I've mentioned before this does NOT represent my shipping dates. Now for the change. Starting now I'm going to focus a lot more on quality. Before this week I was sooo stressed out on getting cables out the door as soon as possible. Now that I have a clear vision on when the keycap sets ship I want to actually focus more on the quality of the cable instead of focusing on the quantity. This means that there are going to be fewer cables going out per week. BUT I'm still keeping in mind that you guys have been waiting a long time on your cables, some more, some less. Before the last 2 weeks, I've been coiling and packaging the cables within 2-3 days, which is very fast. I'm going to increase my time frame to 1 week for this process as it's the most crucial part of the cable making. I've also changed 1-2 thinks in shipping, instead of receiving the cable loose in the box, you'll receive your cable still on the stick that it got coiled on, this ensures the total quality of the cable and you receive a "fresh" cable. I'm not saying that the cables I've shipped before these are bad, but more than the new is safer. (I do have to get bigger boxes as the stick barely fits in the box, for the peeps that get this batch, please let me know in discord or via email if your cable is good) I'm going to be aiming for 30-35 cables per 2 weeks. Group buys.

I'm currently still waiting on the cerakoted connector from my guy. Once they are in I'm going to be announcing the Demon Sword and the Red Dragon cables. I'm hoping for this week! That was it for this week, it was a long post and I'm hoping not too many of you are mad at me now! Keep in mind I do this for you guys!!!!

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