This week we have some good news! Connectors I'll start with some information about the new connectors. I have been speaking to my Cerakote contact for a little while now. Not too long ago he sent me some samples of what he made.

As you can see they look really good. The amazing thing about this is that My contact is a certified Cerakote applicator. This means that we'll have the best quality applications possible. The prices for these are not set yet, I'll inform you when they are.


I've made a decision on Saturday. I've ordered more supplies. This time I ordered them with DHL Express shipping which cost me a lot of money. This batch should get here before the other one before this one. I'm not giving any dates yet as it hasn't shipped out yet. This gives me a bit more hope that I can start on the cables sometime soon. I hope this gives you guys some hope as well. That's it for this week. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down here or send me a message on discord.

Hi there, In this week's update I'm going to talk about upcoming group buys and some information about my supplies. Group buys On 7/28 GMK Isthar will go live. Our Artisan cable group buy will also go live on this day at 10 AM GMT +2 and closes on 8/28 This group buy is unlimited and will have 25 LEMO connectors available.

For the rest of the month I'm not going to be doing any group buys. The reason for this is because I'm going to change the way I do them. I got reminded by someone the true purpose why I'm doing this business. I stray from the path I sent myself to follow. This is nothing bad It is just going to change a bit. The other reason for not doing any other group buys is that I still don't have my supplies and I don't want to delay more and more. There will be more information about the new group buy style in next week's Monday post.


I've made contact with my supplier and they can't really help me with the situation as they have the same tracking information as me. The good news is that it made some movement on the 21st of this month. The delivery date for the supplies was in the first week on July.

here is a screenshot of this:

As you can see it apparently shipped out on the 6/10 and just a couple of days ago arrived at transit country/district. I hope this means that I will be receiving this soon as I have allot of anxiety telling you guys every time that it keeps getting delayed. This is another reason why I'm changing the way I'm going to do group buys.

that was it for this week's update

I hope this information was good and the layout was good to understand. Have a good week and till next week.

Updated: Jul 23

Hello there. I'm changing the way I'm going to be providing you guys with the news. We are stepping over to this blog method. This will save me time do to other work rather than spending 1 hour to add every email from my order list to update! I'm not abandoning the emails obviously. I will be sending people personal updates and so on. I will be posting weekly here and sometimes more frequent if the information is important enough. I hope this was ok to understand as I wrote this at 12 AM. Thank you, have a great week!

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