21/9/2020 Monday Update

Hi there! This week is going to short and simple. I'll start it off with production. I managed to make 15 cables on Saturday and Sunday which is really nice as this means 15 extra orders going out next week Monday. I should have around 30-40 cables shipping Next Monday. I'm currently in the 120-140 order range. I still have 1 or 2 in the 90 range but that's easy work . Up coming group buy.

On October 1st, GMK Red Dragon cable group buy will go live. I ordered a cerakoted aviator to match the set. This will be our first group buy that features a cerakoted connector. If this connector doesn't come in before the GB start I will hold the G off till it comes in.

That was it for this week. I'll catch you in the next one, Have a great week!

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