Monday 8/17/2020 Update

Hi there. This week we have some news on production and some group buy news.

I'll start it off with the upcoming group buys. Group buys

I'm changing the way I do group buys for the time being. Group buys won't have an unlimited amount of cables anymore. It will be capped at 25 for now. The reason for this is because I am extremely busy right now. Especially now that I'm starting my internship next week. Upcoming group buys: GMK Deku PBT Musubi GMK Demon Sword And more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detailed info on the 25 amount.

10 LEMO's

15 Aviators. Probably will all be cerakoted (When I finally have them)


Production As I mentioned in the group buy section. I'll be starting my internship next week. This is a 8:AM to 5:PM, 5 days a week thing. I will only have time to make around 2-4 cables per day. If I calculate that into days to make 350 cables it will take around 116 days. This comes around to being 4 months. I have people that can help me with the cables, also I have the weekends which will give me more time to work on the cables. For some of you, this is disappointing to hear. The next month I will be working my hardest to get all of your cables out! So far I completed all the Atlantis cables. Next is Masterpiece, midnight rainbow and Arctic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was it for this week. thank you!

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